Konesilta Oy’s own servicing and equipment service operates in its present premises in Kärsämäki and Tampere. Our qualified service staff allows us to provide our customers with a unique turnkey service programme for our newer used machinery with which we can provide a warranty used machine that is as good as new!
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Phase 1

Washing and cleaning of a machine, inside and outside, in our modern cleaning hall.

Phase 2

Servicing measures. The changing of oil filters and lubrication. We use high quality oils and filters, in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations.

Phase 3

We perform inspections of excavation automatics, drive speeds, as well as inspections concerning other electrical equipment and meters. Also, work lights, ceiling blinkers, radios, batteries, air conditioning inspections, the inspections of base conditions, including track rollers and wheel amendments, as well as heater installations with engine block heaters or fuel-powered (eber/webasto.)


Phase 4

Boom clearances due to wear and tear are removed by changing the new hardened pins and sleeves on the booms, as needed. We have 3 cranes in use: a 12 ton bridge crane, as well as 3 ton and 1 ton jib cranes, in addition to a large array of special tools, to get your work done cost effectively and with high quality.

Phase 5

Installation of additional equipment, as well as the installation or alteration of work equipment hydraulics.

Example 1

With the installation of tilting quick couplings, if necessary, hydraulics modifications from 1-way to 2-way, the installation of the bucket hydraulic locks, according to safety regulations, as well as pressure adjustments, according to machine manufacturers’ recommendations.

Example 2

The installation of rotators (Engcon / Rototilt / Smp / Marttiini-) to operating condition. Contains series electrical work and pressure reductions, according to machine manufacturers’ recommendations. In addition, control systems for rotators, according to customer specifications.

The compatibility of bucket equipment with quick couplings is also ensured by fitting the buckets in place prior to delivery.

Phase 6

We carry out possible specialty equipment procedures, such as the replacement of roller plates and rollers, armouring and forestry rearmament / shielding.

Phase 7

Cosmetic paint defects can be fixed-up in our workshop that complies with current environment and ventilation requirements, where spot paintings are carried out after the base work, using the machine manufacturers’ original tones. We also install new brand / model stickers, as well as required warning labels.

As a result, the customer will receive a stylish used machine, fully equipped and serviced! Deliveries directly to your worksite can be agreed upon, and at a time that is suitable for you.

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